Grab hold of a magic pencil
Open your eyes and mind
For now begins a journey
Of the most exciting kind.
A journey into learning
A step...a start...a glow,
And we will be there with you
To help and watch you grow.

Author unknown

Highlights of OWL

1.  OWL is purposeful, playful and personalized.

2.  OWL has daily whole class, center time, small group and individualized activities.

3.  OWL promotes children to explore, experiment and play as they develop academically, socially and emotionally.

4.  OWL components are exciting, inviting and appropriate for Pre-K children. 

5.  OWL units revolve around unit themes and concepts connected by weekly questions.

OWL activities build and develop receptive and expressive vocabulary to promote school success. OWL literature is rich, varied and includes well chosen trade books. OWL connects home and school to support each child's learning. OWL assessments are included throughout weekly instruction, end of week and end of the unit.

OWL facilitates confidences, skills and tools for young learns to carry forward into Kindergarten and beyond!
Field Trips

Level 3 & 4
Owl Program
"Opening the World of Learning"
A comprehensive early literacy program.
It provides the strongest research-based early literacy curriculum and seamlessly weaves solid content that captures children's natural curiosity about the world into an activity-centered day. The curriculum covers all domains of learning: Language and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, The Arts, Physical Development, and Social and Emotional Development. 
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