Special Subjects

Amy Cadavid

Spanish Lesson Plans
1st grade & 2nd grade “Yo Aprendo los Colores” 
3rd grade 
We are setting up our “Cuaderno de Español”, a progressive Spanish notebook, which will stay with them through the 5th grade. Our first topic is the outline “Learning Languages – El Mundo Hispánico”, where we introduce Spanish as a language and explore the different countries in which Spanish is the official language. The children will locate the countries on their own map –, “El Mundo Hispánico”, which they will then label, color and add to their notebook. We discuss the many aspects of learning languages and cultural relationships.

4th grade 
  We are deep into verbs! Our focus is the first of three groups of verbs – AR verbs. We are learning the infinitive form of 23 regular AR verbs as well as the Spanish pronouns. We are learning definitions, and making associations with nouns we have already learned in 3rd grade. With our AR Verb Chart, we will learn to conjugate these verbs, further enriching our Spanish vocabulary.

5th grade 
Lección 7: Mas Actividades – ER Verbs - the children are learning their second group of regular verbs – ER verbs. We will conjugate our 10 new verbs using verb charts and practice extensively through the various exercises provided throughout the chapter. We will be reading “Pepe y Lobo”, a short narrative about a boy and his dog. Through an exercise answering questions about the story, the children will practice verb usage.