Special Subjects

Amy Cadavid

Spanish Lesson Plans
January through March 2019

1 & 2 grades
“Mis Primeros Cuentos”- We just completed this first book of stories where the children colored and wrote 6 simple stories: El Perro, La Oruga, La Araña, El Pájaro, El Ratón y La Rana.
We will now begin the book: “Mi Casa es su Casa” where the children will learn simple vocabulary related to the house, the rooms in it and its contents.
The children have been enjoying the reading of the book El Jajilé Azul, which traces the story of a wild boar and his desire to be different than he is.

3rd grade 
Lección 1: “El Español y el Inglés” . In this our first chapter this year, the children will realize that learning Spanish will probably be easier than they thought. Why? Because there are many words that either are the same, or almost the same in Spanish as in English ! We realize how many Spanish words we already know ! We further explore the usage of “the” in Spanish, and practice writing simple sentences by pairing nouns and adjectives introduced in this lesson.
 Our Spanish vocabulary is extensively enriched by the end of this lección !

4th grade 
 Still deep into Lección 4 and verbs, we are learning how to make negative sentences and formulate questions in Spanish.
El niño contesta en la clase
El niño no contesta en la clase.
¿ Contesta el niño en la clase ?

We will soon read a short story “El Doctor Rivera Tiene un Problema”. The children will have an opportunity to read and play the roles of Dr. Rivera y Lorenzo while they figure out what Dr. Rivera’s problem really is!

5th grade 
 We are taking a further look at adjectives on Lección 8: La Descripción . We will learn how adjectives in Spanish must agree in gender and in number, all while adding many new adjectives to our vocabulary. We will be learning about comparisons such as “mas alto que” (taller than), “menos alto que” (less tall than), and “tan alto como” ( as tall as ). We will wrap up the unit with a short story about “La Ciudad de Nueva York”.
As promised, I am reading to the children a very simple version of “Don Quijote de la Mancha” . While in the 3rd grade, the students were introduced to several names of essential masterpieces of Spanish Literature, and now that they are a little bit older, they will enjoy and love the adventures of our “Caballero de la Triste Figura” . 
At the end of each chapter, the children will supply a written “resúmen”, or report, which will be kept on their own “Don Quijote” notebook for keeping.