VillageĀ PinesĀ School

Village Pines School is a private school located 1 mile south of the Falls Shopping Center in Miami Florida.

Our doors opened in 1960 as a preschool only. Over the years we have grown and prospered. Our classes now begin at Level 3 (3 years old) through the 5th grade. Our curriculum is exciting, complete, challenging and creative. We prepare children for the future with "hands on" enrichment. We fulfill all state requirements which includes SAT testing. Since children learn at different rates and in different ways, the staff helps them achieve success in an atmosphere of affection, praise, and encouragement. Our small classes, combined with dedicated & nurturing teachers, allow each child to learn and to develop to his/her capacity.

Academics is only one phase of a child's development. In order to function successfully in the "Real World" social and emotional development are of extreme importance. It is our opinion that a school must teach more than the 3R's. The 5 R's are essential: Reading, "Riting, "Rithmetic, Respect and Responsibility. The first 3 are the school's objective: the last are the responsibility of the school and parents. The best way to teach is to set an example.
We strive to meet the social, academic, and emotional needs of each child encouraging each to develop into a well-rounded, respectful member of society.
Caring Is Our Career!