Level 3 & 4
"Opening the World of Learning"
A comprehensive early literacy program.
It provides the strongest research-based early literacy curriculum and seamlessly weaves solid content that captures children's natural curiosity about the world into an activity-centered day. The curriculum covers all domains of learning: Language and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, The Arts, Physical Development, and Social and Emotional Development. 
Unit 4  Week 2
Theme: Out in the Fields Unit: 4 Week: 2
Question of the Week: How do machines help farmers?
Story of the week: Otis
Songs of the week: Bingo
Language Arts: Delete onsets in words
Amazing words: crowd, fair, fancy, parade, pond, startle
Concept words: field, row, seed, soil, tool, tractor
Letter Knowledge: Rr and Ww
Science: Basic needs of plants, plant life cycle, measuring capacity
Social Studies: Voting to make group decisions, connecting past, present and future events
Math: Add up to 5 objects
Art Center: Collage
Outside Center:  
Books this week:  The Rusty Trusty Tractor, It’s Time to Combine, See How They Go: Tractor
What did we do today?
Mrs. Fehr